The Fabric of America

An exquisitely crafted tapestry is a work of art that we enjoy. And to think that it all started with several rolls of yarn all different colors. Then the craftsman knows just the right color to add when he weaves it together. While it is being crafted it doesn’t look like much. In fact, it is a mess. But string by string each one placed correctly where it needs to be and eventually it becomes art.

That is how I see America. God was the craftsman, and he took a variety of different people and wove them into what we have today. Each ethnic group has its own beauty like the yarn in the tapestry. Each one by itself was good but woven together it became more valuable than it ever could have by itself. Germans, Italians, English, Irish, Asians, Native Americans, Scandinavians, Africans, Arabic, Polynesians, and many others all make up what is America. Each group has its own culture that is woven within us. And each group has its own story to tell.

Finding Home – From Ireland to the Badlands of Texas… is a book that tells one of these stories. It is a story that I wanted to tell, a story that is exciting and adventurous but we all can relate to it, because all our families have similar stories to tell about our ancestors that settled this land. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed telling this story. Please go to Amazon today it is available on Kindle and paperback. Thank you.

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