Losing Home

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A Legacy Moves to a New Land


Losing Home is a prequel that reveals the reason Delaney’s are forced to leave their beloved Ireland. It is a tale of a proud Irish family that tries everything in their power to maintain in their way of life in a changing world. The history of the Irish people is an amazing story of a courageous race of people that display a noble determination to hold what they love against a much stronger force. Virtue and strength of character is forged into John at an early age. His desire to make his family proud of him drives him to accomplish much in his life. 

Losing Home tells of the events of his youth and how it developed the spirit we see in John Delaney. Delaney’s father Mickey led an underground movement against the most powerful empire in the world at that time. At a young age John was taught by his older brothers and father how to fight, obey orders, and even lead a group of warriors as they defended their homeland. The harsh life he led forged a rock-solid character that would later prove to be enough to make him a success beyond his life in Ireland. The Delaneys were a courageous clan of Irishmen who fought to cleave to their way of life. Unable to accomplish this goal, they had no choice but to find a new home. After burying her husband and two sons, Molly Delaney, was forced to evacuate her homeland. When she arrived in New York City she found what you would expect in a booming city. It was filled with different nationalities of new arrivals all being exploited by those trying to become rich off the backs of the poor. The story of the Delaneys tells of the sorrows of being push out of a land that they had always loved. The emotions of leaving your comfort zone and being forced to make a new life. The book captures the emotions that many immigrants felt. The hurt they felt was tremendous, but the gleamer of hope in their hearts gave them enough incentive to make a new life for themselves. The character that these remarkable people brought with them helps makes America a great nation and a story worth telling.