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Finding Home


Finding Home is a historical fiction novel that is appropriate for all readers. It is 363 pages of a fast-moving adventure story about a young Irish lad and three Hispanic orphans as they find their place in a new land. Pre-civil war America is filled with unlimited opportunities and just as many perils. The story begins with the untimely death of his mother after they arrive in New York. John Delaney is left to care for his younger sister Nelly and navigate difficult circumstances in unfamiliar surroundings.  At the same time fifteen hundred miles to the southwest, three young Hispanic children are orphaned in the badlands of Texas.  They must make it on their own with no knowledge of the language or what they will face.     

Both overcome many hardships.  When their stories collide – the power of love and family come into focus.   They meet and overcome challenges through their own courage, character, and with a little help from unexpected characters they meet along the way.     

John Delaney’s love for his sister and her happiness becomes his priority as he searches for a safe place for her.  He knows his personal journey will not be suited for a young girl.  With the aid of a caring young priest, serving in the historical St. Patrick’s Church in Manhattan, John is guided towards an answer to his dilemma.  After this he tries to make a life for himself in New York City.  He finds work as a laborer in the largest building project the world has at the time.  The construction of Central Park.  He soon discovers that New York is not the place for him. He crosses paths with Boss Tweed a powerful local politician who makes it impossible for John to remain in New York.  With no idea where his path will lead, he decides to go west.  He and his companion, a young bull mastiff name Hank, strike out on an adventure that proves to be both exciting and perilous.  The inner courage he has, that was forged by the life his family was forced to endure in Ireland, guides him into the unknown.    

Josephina Garza is a teenaged girl in charge of her two younger brothers, Felix, and Aldo.  Without knowing where they are, and only a basic understanding of the dreams their father had for them in a new land, they were forced to face it allow after a tragic accident.  They must continue in this new country.  All alone in a harsh environment with no provisions, they bury their father and continue.  Their salvation comes at the hands of two of the most interesting characters you should ever hope to meet.  A displaced well-educated Scotsman with a deformed body and a pure heart, and an old native American woman with tremendous knowledge of the land and an understanding of the spirit world.  These two colorful characters guide the children on their journey that takes them through many twists and turns as they search for a home.  In a dramatic event, that also includes Henrietta King the wife of the famous Richard King, they face death.  During this traumatic event, the Garza family is bonded with John Delaney and together they continue their quest of Finding Home.

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